DIY House Moving – Redneck Edition!

Moving or transporting something from one place to another is nowadays easy, there are numerous machines and equipment which get the job done with ease; but this Redneck decided to make a DIY house moving using just his pickup.

DIY House Moving Redneck 2

In order to avoid paying some extra cash on the way, which by the way is the smartest thing to do, he took a huge step and took everything in his hands. Though we do not have any information for how far he travelled, we might assume he did not travel much. All he does in this video is slightly moving the house to get it just in the right place. But what is so wrong about this video after all? Well, instead of paying some cash to get his house moved, he has to now repair his pickup.

The weight of the house caused the back part of the pickup to bend. This is a serious problem knowing that it might break the shaft which would probably mean completely ruining your car. The Dodge Dakota simply could not have withstood the weight.

I guess he will not be moving another house with the pickup again. This video is the perfect example of why you should sometimes spend some extra cash instead of trying to get the job done on your own. But at least he got the job done after all; he “only” needs to get a new car. What do you think, is this DIY house moving the proper way to do it?

Tiny houses can actually be moved, this is the cost!