Difference Between A Salvage Car and Scrap Car

The terms salvage car and scrap car are often used interchangeably, but the truth is there is a massive difference between the two of them. A Salvage car is usually a car that has been in an accident or has been damaged by natural elements like fire or water. This car may be as good as scrap, but it is still called salvage because there is hope for it. Following is a crisp comparison between the two terms for your perusal.

Difference Between A Salvage Car and Scrap Car 2

1.   Salvage Cars can Go Back to the Road; Scarp Cars Cannot

Salvage cars get their title from insurance companies who believe that fixing such vehicles does not make financial sense. So, the point is, these cars aren’t dead yet, they get their title based on how profitable the deal is for the insurance company.

Therefore, a salvage car with a moderate level of damage can go back to the road after a good round of repairs. For example, A car that has been in an accident may be declared scrap by the insurance company, but think about it, it’s just an excellent car with a broken body.

A dented, damaged exterior is replaceable, and the car is good to go. The same isn’t right for scrap cars. These cars are declared as scrap after they have lived their lives, and repairing them is not feasible in the pocket, and they might not be safe as well.

2.    Salvage Cars have More Value Than Scrap Cars

A scrap car is worth its weight in steel. So, when you sell your vehicle to cash for junk car company, you receive an amount based on the weight of your car. But when it comes to salvage cars, they can be sold at a higher price because these cars can be driven again after certain repairs.

The value of a salvage car depends on the kind of damage it has. If the damage is serious, the car sells for less because it will need a lot of repairs. If the damage is moderate, the car sells for a reasonable price and is suitable for the road after some time at the repair shop.

If you are planning to buy a salvage car, you can do that with the help of a mechanic. Getting the help of a mechanic is essential because you will need to judge the damage in the car and then compare it with its selling price.

Sometimes, the cost of the car looks perfect, but then later, you may come to know that it will need a considerable amount of repairs. In such cases, you will end up spending a lot more than you should ideally have on a salvage car. If you know how to judge the damages, you can get a great deal out of a salvage title.

3.   Salvage Cars have Spare Parts in Good Condition

A salvage car, say one coming from an accident, has several good spare parts. These parts can be removed and sold before the car is scrapped, or they can become the reason why a person decides to repair and reuse a salvage car. A car that has a good engine, decent tires, interiors pieces, bodywork, etc., can be repaired and used in a small amount.

Whereas, a car that has issues with its major parts can be treated as a scrap car after removing the good parts. Taking out spare parts out of a salvage car can be a good way of saving money. You can do the same with your scrap car.

Most scrap cars have nothing left in them, but if you come across a vehicle that has, take advantage of the opportunity and get out the spare parts that may come in handy at a later time.

Scrap car dealers have no use of the spare parts. Even if you do not remove the parts, you will get the same price from them, but that is different for salvage cars. A loaded salvage car is a two-way blessing.

If it is repairable, it can become your car for a few more years. If it is not repairable, it can become your source for all the good and genuine spare parts. And we all know, genuine spare parts cost a fortune.


Salvage cars and scrap cars mean two very different things. Next time you hear those words, make sure you remember everything you have read here and make a decision or conversation based on your new-found knowledge.

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