The Most Devastating Barrier Crash Test Compilation!

A barrier crash is quite simply, one of the rare cause-and-effect links of our time. People put barriers in place to prevent people in vehicles from entering that place, and when people in vehicles knowingly crash into the barriers, it`s like the circle is complete.

Barrier Crash Test Compilation 2

There are a few types of barriers described and aptly tested in this video, but they`re all incredibly effective at stopping whatever is coming at them, in slightly different ways. First you have the single pole barrier, which is just like the name suggests, a pole in the middle of the road. When a car or a truck or literally anything with wheels hits this pole, it can go no further. It bends around it, but the pole does not move. The truck or car however, gets wrecked beyond all recognition.

Another barrier crash is the one where they come up on a horizontal barrier, which is sternly cemented into the ground with two side poles. When your vehicle hits this barrier, it loses its front wheels and pretty much everything else at the height of the barrier. Most likely your legs if you`re driving a truck or your head if you`re in a car. Another type of barrier is a retractable rotating barrier which can snap out of the ground in a second, stop you from crossing a certain point and then go back in the ground so that the police and paramedics can come and get you. They have these around big hotels, government agencies and buildings and all sorts of important places all around the world.

Finally, what do you think of these sound barriers?