Desert Races: Introduction With the Car Culture in Saudi Arabia!

In Saudi Arabia drag racing is illegal, but it does not mean that it`s not happening. In fact there is very big subculture with original characteristics and features. Unlike in the US, Saudi drag racers are not pros but guys who usually get high and crazy and hit a public roads with a sped of light, lapsing one side to another and trying to do some insane stunts, sliding and drifting in traffic.

Many times events do not end up in glory, but in tragedy. Khader calls this guys an idiots who are the main reason why police had shut down racing on the streets and now most of them can just sit down and hope for a better times. It is just how their car culture is.

But things are not all that black and pessimistic! There is the new “Dirab Motorsports Park” that comes as a new solution. It is a new race track in Riyadh and actually first drag strip that is legal and official. Its goal is pretty simple – taking young and passionate gearheads and speed junkies of streets and place them some place where the racing is safe. Guys like Khader and his crew are satisfied, saying that people from this project are cool, not with intent to squeeze guys for money, but with honest wish to build a huge foundation for all the car enthusiasts where they can indulge their passion and develop their driving potential.

So, at the end, we can draw a conclusion that things are moving forward in a good direction in this country, fulfilled with guys are true gearheads and big time race cars enthusiasts. With people like our main character in this article, Khader, we are expecting to hear and see more good things coming from Saudi Arabia.