This Custom Tow Rig Can’t Get Any Better!

If you want to show off your latest creation and modification, the Internet is the best place for it hence the social media enables us to share our ideas and thoughts when it comes to awesome machines such as this custom tow rig which looks absolutely stunning and it will amaze you with its look. We have recently seen some amazing and outstanding trucks and cars, but we can clearly state that nothing can beat this gorgeous 10-wheel beast.

This Custom Tow Rig Cant Get Any Better 2

The appearance and the exterior speak for itself even at first glance. We get to see some photos from the custom tow rig as well. This piece of ingenuity looks like it came from the future. It has an all-black concept color and it just might become your favorite truck very soon.

But this masterpiece does not stop here. It has much more to offer. It is something way more than just a truck. There are two trailers attached on the back which are equipped with everything you need! They are so comfortable and modern that they can make you feel just like you are at home. Also, there are lights which surround the whole truck, as well as on the bottom of it. The colors are combination from blue and yellow. The interior is mainly focused on black and brown structure, as well as white marble used for the tables and the sink. Imagine going out on a family trip with this custom tow rig. It must be an experience you will never forget!

We don't often deal in envy or jealousy, but when we do, it's because of this incredible hauler the artists at TurnKey Industries created for Scott Bloomquist/Scott Bloomquist racing!Enjoy the video tour of this, THE ultimate rig!!! Big Rig Power | Legendary Big Rigs | INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS | International Lonestar | Fans of Scott Bloomquist

Posted by Loshak/Stark Racing on Monday, September 18, 2017