Harley Davidson V ROD Custom Made By Moto91!

In the middle of Europe, in Switzerland, there is a Harley Davidson V ROD Custom that is OFF THE HOOK! This matte black Harley is all custom made and we must admit it is MAGNIFICENT! Wondering, what is so fascinating about it besides the HUGE engine it carries around with it is the perfect body design?! Well, the way that MASSIVE EXHAUST PIPE fits the rest of the kit is AMAZING! The rims are also perfect as there is no way you would miss them if this bike was to pass next to you!

We know you are getting more and more curious, so feel free to look at it! Check this beautiful Custom Harley Davidson VROD by Moto91! Feel free to share your opinion for this great motorcycle with us and share it if you like it!

Look at this insane Estonian beast! One of the best videos online! Click this link!

Enjoy the video below!

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