‘Classic Car Club Manhattan’ Is A Proof That Heaven On Earth Exists!

This week we had the chance to visit one of the most well-known classic car clubs in the world and even though we heard many positive things about it, words cannot describe what we have experienced. After the visit we were all convinced that `Classic Car Club Manhattan` is the actual heaven on earth. From the moment we stepped in, we were warmly welcomed by the staff and its owner, Mike Prichinello.

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Mike comes from an Italian family, a family that has been in the USA for a fourth generation now. He is one of the biggest car and motorbike fanatics we have ever met. Deciding to turn his passion into a legacy for the generations to come, Mike founded `Classic Car Club Manhattan`.

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However, it was not an easy start and what was once nothing more than a cottage, in just two years time became one of the best places to be, whether you love cars or simply love to spend some quality time with your friends and family. As the owner claims, there is still some space for improvements, but nonetheless, he is very happy for what has been achieved so far.

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The fleet of cars currently there is just flawless and you are going to see some of the best cars ever made. It does not matter if you love classic cars, modern supercars or some unusual models; they have absolutely everything.

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The cars range from the stunning 1956 Porsche 550 Spyder and all the way to the mighty 2019 Aston Martin Vantage, but the amazing guys from CCC do not plan on stopping here. Their fleet is something that will continue to grow day by day and we were lucky enough to take a close look at some of those models.

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If you become one of their Clubhouse Members, you are going to enjoy in a full list of awesomeness; the best thing being driving the cars they have there! Since we all enjoy racing, you can go on an unforgettable race with the CCC crew; go on a rally around the world or if you simply love food, there is something for you too.

Their member-only restaurant offers a variety of wonderful culinary feasts. Their river terrace is a place where you can soak up the sun and have a glass of sangria, or even have a party surrounded by classic cars and people who enjoy in them – a pure heaven on earth!

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We were pleasantly surprised that the `Classic Car Club Manhattan` organizes a variety of events held on regular basis. From 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on the 25th this month you can join and spend some quality time at `Classic Car Club Manhattan` while watching the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix.

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There will also be simulators installed where you can test your own F1 skills. Events like these offer you a chance to have a pleasant chat with people who enjoy in cars, speed and bikes and these guys are the best at it.

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On their website you can also take a look at their shop offering a variety of goodies. Do not miss the chance to become part of one big and wonderful family. The only thing we regret is not visiting this heaven on earth long time before!

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classic car club manhattan 20

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