CITROEN E MEHARI Is Wild Enough And It Can Go To Production!

We have a sweet and adorable proof that Citroen seems to have lost its ever loving mind, the proof being – Citroen E MEHARI! This all-electric cabriolet is the very own production of the Automaker`s CACTUS M CONCEPT that was the center of attention at the FMS (Frankfurt Motor Show)! However, it will officially be revealed just today at the headquarters in Paris! Anyway, we will see it rolling out of the factory at spring 2016! It has a maximum output of 67 HP where as the top speed is around 68 MPH! Check It Out and don’t forget to read this review!

2016 citroen e-mehari cover

2016 citroen e-mehari 5

2016 citroen e-mehari 3