Check out This Chrysler 300 on 28″ DUB DELUSION RIMS!

Chrysler 300 on 28″ DUB DELUSION RIMS!

One more vehicle with big rims is present here at the Muscle Cars Zone! This time, it is a word of a subtly orange vehicle with 28″ wheels. Although this particular car is considered as a classy, sometimes it`s good to make some changes in order to be different than the others and satisfy your feelings in a way you prefer. Moreover, the spinners this car has not only that look good, but also they create a nice effect! An effect of an optical illusion! If you are far enough you probably won`t notice that the tires are spinning, and you might think this car is sliding!

Finally, these rims right here will get you stopped by the cops!

Enjoy the video below!

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