This is The Biggest Drive By Truckers Tour You’ve Ever Seen!

You love big, mighty and powerful trucks, can you feel the aesthetics of the big machine? And I`m not talking about your everyday size big trucks, but for a real monster, a fine and real specimen of Extreme Trucking that looks like it has come out from the big screen of a SF movie and here it rolls down in our world to convert our perception of reality and redefine the meaning of the words like big, huge, enormous… This Drive By Truckers Tour is something that easily explains all that.

I`m saying all this because that is what we have here, in our next video that we have prepared for you today. Or to make a long story short, we have this big and powerful truck in orange, coming out from some sort of an Auto Expo -- very possible from the park in Macungie, Pennsylvania, where they held annual car shows, with all sorts of unconventional automobiles like rad rods, hot rods, vintage cars and every now and then, there is a truck like this one, from the Extreme Trucking category.

Just watch the video and see that slow motion elegance – nothing else in the world like it. Check out the Drive By Truckers Tour.

Enjoy the video below!

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