Check Out The Futuristic Koenigsegg UTAGERA Concept!

The famous artist Muengtaweepongsa Jennarong created a render that shows us what a Koenisegg could look line in 20 year from now! It is called the Koenigsegg Utagera and actually represents an accurate representation! Koenigsegg tended to take some kind of an evolutionary approach with the future models and the Utagera is exactly that!

koenigegg utagera 1

koenigegg utagera 2

koenigegg utagera 3

The Utagera has no sharp angles as the artist represented it in a more smooth rounded form. At the back, the new Koenisegg Utagera has a tiny rear where the exhaust is hidden and not visible! Check out the future Koenigsegg Concept car!

Finally, read as Koenigsegg’s CEO talks about the company’s future!

koenigegg utagera 8