Car vs Double Side Bollards! Incredible Simulation!

There have been some incredible and utterly amazing tests that people have conducted over the years and according to most of us, the most interesting are the ones in which we see some car action. Yes, it takes just some piece of ingenuity and a bit of effort to make something absolutely incredible. We have lately come across such similar tests that you are about to see in this one, we most certainly assure you that you are going to have lots of fun, nonetheless. Hereby, even though many cars, trucks and formulas are destroyed in this video, do now worry hence this is just a simulation and no actual vehicles were destroyed during the making off. All you have to do is to sit back and enjoy dozens of cars crashing in double side bollards.

Car vs Double Side Bollards Incredible Simulation 2

Yes, these cars get absolutely wrecked while hitting in these double side bollards, and they look absolutely amazing. The most fascinating aspect about the video is that all of the different cars suffer different types of damage, and it all depends on the size of it. Some big trucks with massive trailers at the back simply get absolutely busted and are no longer function.

Whereas some of the smaller vehicles suffer some damage, but just on the exterior. Nonetheless, it is an amazingly fun compilation to take a look at and we are certain that you are going to have some great time.

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