California Exhaust Law Has Changed – $1,000 Non Correctable Automatic Fine!

There were plenty of rumors lately about the various changes in the laws that could affect many car lovers across the US, however, most of us did not believe in them, or at least, we did not want to. Unfortunately, we are very sad to confirm that the new California exhaust law has recently been changed and all of us would not like it. Some of you might have heard, or even had trouble with the police, about the law that fines the driver with a very loud exhaust with a “correctable” fine, meaning you are not obliged to pay with money. Instead, you were able to simply fix the loud exhaust problem. However, all of this has just changed and we no longer have “fix-it” fines in California.

california exahust law 1

Namely, the new California exhaust law states that any driver who is pulled over by the police due to a loud exhaust will have to pay a $1000 fine, regardless of anything. Since all of us love the loud sound of fast cars, this is something that might cause lot of troubles to us.

The authorities in California decided to change the law due to the similarity in sound it had with many automatic weapons.

In the video below you can clearly listen to the conversation between a police officer and a driver who was fined due to the new California exhaust law. The officer was kind enough to warn the driver that there will be many such patrols around the city.

Regardless of the warning, the driver has to pay the fine of $1000. This is not something we are looking forward to!

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