Could This Be The BUMPIEST Railroad Track Ever?!

As we all know, the railway is probably the cheapest, and according to many, the safest way to travel. Though many new ways of travelling have emerged, it looks as if nothing can beat the good old railway. Transporting heavy loads is an easy task for it. Yes, it can be slow but it does its job. But what happens when a massive heavy train meets, probably, the world`s bumpiest railroad track?

BUMPIEST railroad track train 4

You get the answer in the following 7-minute-long video. The Maumee and Western Railroad, also known as the MAW, has a section which looks utterly horrible. So how can a train move here?

The answer is SLOW. In order to avoid derailing, the highly skilled driver moves at a very slow pace. The stakes are very high and no mistakes are allowed hence it carries number of locomotives. Not long ago, Pioneer RailCorp acquired the bumpiest railroad from the MAW, though they did a great job to some sections, this little area has not been touched up at all.

What is most certain is that it has to be fixed as soon as possible to prevent accidents. What do you think, would you ever dare to be driven on it?

Roads can be bumpy as well, especially off-road ones!