“Bullitt” Movie Car Chase Scene! Mustang vs Charger at San Francisco!

Boy do we love the sound of classic muscle cars. They make our blood boil as soon as we hear the furious engines roaring in the streets. Combine the sound of engines along with a movie and we get the legendary – Bullitt. Many car chases occur in the movie, but the 10 minutes long one is the most iconic Bullitt car chase scene. Namely, Bullitt himself drives the 390-powered 1968 Mustang GT Fastback in pursuit of the furious Dodge Challenger. The chase takes place in San Francisco`s Fisherman`s Wharf area and goes all the way to the city`s midtown area.

They chase past well-known landmarks of the city as well as its recognizable steep streets making the Bullitt car chase scene look even cooler. Though the cars take some damage during the chase they end the race in a good shape. To complete filming this real-time scene it took the producers over three weeks! The fact that McQueen drove most of the chase on his own is astonishing, though the driver in the Dodge Challenger was a stunt man the whole time. So all you have to do is sit back, max up the volume and enjoy this classic Bullitt car chase scene.

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