The Simplest Way To Build A Motorized Drift Trike!

People do all sorts of things to have fun in their free time. Moreover, some push their limits and make a hobby out of it. This is exactly something that this man decided to do. He managed to develop and manufacture something utterly incredible. Some guys have really awesome trikes, a bike with three wheels, but he has something way more. Instead of your traditional and boring trike, this man built a fully functional motorized drift trike. But do you want to know the best part about it? Well, he decided to make a tutorial on the built and share it with everyone else. This means that with a little bit of effort and plenty of time you can make one for yourself. You are going to be the coolest guy in your neighborhood. It is not complicated at all and anyone can do it.

build motorized drift trike 1

There are several things that you will need. First and foremost is a Razor DXT drift trike that costs around $100. Then, you are going to get the mighty Predator 212cc engine, costing around $120. Also, there are more things that you will need. Get yourself an aluminum hub set, PVC sleeves, go kart clutch, roller chain, racing sleeks and locking washers. All things set, you can begin building your motorized drift trike. Indeed, since the summer is approaching, this is going to be your perfect project during it. Even though the tutorial is fairly short, it does show all the crucial steps to build this trike. At the end, you can come up with your own design. Thus meaning that the trike can look according to your preference. The best part about it is seeing it in action on the asphalt. There is nothing else more gracious!

build motorized drift trike 2

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