Boeing Globemaster C17 Flies Over The Angel Stadium Of Anaheim! The Crowd Goes Crazy!

An aircraft or aircrafts flying over a stadium during the national anthem is a pretty common thing. They give a proper respect to our glorious stars and stripes and they also provide a good show that is a real treat for us as spectators! How not to be satisfied? Fighter airplanes flying in formation is a sight that will never get you bored. However, what we have in this video is not a fighter airplane. In fact, it is something bigger and more massive!

The plane that is flying over during our national anthem is one huge Globemaster C 17 aircraft! During the 2012 MLB Opening Day, we can hear David Cook performing the American National Anthem! The singer who rose to prominence after managing to win the 7th season of American idol does a very well job indeed! The spectators of the MLB 2012 Opening Day are already having a blast!

After a couple of moments David Cook starts singing, a huge aircraft can be heard roaring into the distance! Then, the guy who recorded this video shows us the airplane approaching the stadium! We can see it is pretty massive airplane indeed! After it comes nearer, it is obvious that the aircraft in stake is a Boeing Globemaster C 17! This flyby performed by the Boeing Globemaster C 17 was a real treat for everyone present at the stadium!

There were many spectators for the MLB Opening Day, over 42,000 people were left jaw-dropped by the sight! Who wouldn`t be, right? The  Globemaster C 17 is one massive military transport aircraft which performed many strategic and tactical airlift missions! Transporting our military cargo and brave soldiers to many different countries in the world! Unfortunately, this military transport aircraft is no longer in production since 2015. Nevertheless, it is a vital part of US military history!

And if you want to read a detailed explanation regarding this whole spectacle, follow this link!