Boat With CRAZY 500HP Car ENGINES!

Boat Modifications Engines Car 4

All of the car shows serve as an inspiration to all of us in terms of new ideas for modifications which we can imply on our own. But what happens when someone decides to offer something new and extraordinary? Well, you get one-of-a-king boat modifications, and as we can tell, they are pretty popular nowadays. So, what can be modified on a boat? The engine! Namely, car engines are so reliable tunable that installing one in a boat is an easy task. Just like the one seen in the first video where gusts of smoke are released from a Mercedes Benz engine and that gorgeous turbo pumps in!

Most of these boat modifications are done on Jet Skis and racing boats. There is also a speed boat in which a 2JZ Toyota Supra engine is installed and it sounds utterly impressive. It has staggering 500 HP! This compilation has a few more videos and in one a stroked RB26 engine is fitted in the back of a boat. The turbo makes this red-color engine look even more furious.

Each and every one of the boat leaves behind huge waves. What do you think, how far can modifications go?

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