2016 BMW X5 For Sale! Check Out This Piece Of Ride! [UPDATE]

Finally, the BMW X5 passed the last emission tests posted by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), where it proved that regulations are not circumvent with a defeat device! This luxury car can now go on sales as buyers can purchase this magnificent SUV for themselves! 2016 BMW X5 For Sale, ladies and gents!

2014 bmw x5 cover

2014 bmw x5 9

2014 bmw x5 8

These tests are very common and understandable for diesel vehicles, especially if we recall some of the past Volkswagen cheats! However, many other vehicles went through this test like the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado as well as the GMC Canyon with their Duramax motor! The BMW X5 starts at $58.695!

Anyway, you might wanna read some specs and reviews!

2014 bmw x5 7

2014 bmw x5 1