2800HP GTO Crow on the Drag Strip! This Thing Is A Real KILLER!

I`m guessing that most of you who are following Street Outlaws on Discovery know well who the Big Chief is and what is the car he has been working on for about three years, simply called the GTO Crow, or just the Crow. But for those of you who are not following things all the way through, I will remind you that the Crow is a 1970 Pontiac GTO, a car that he purchased when he was 15 years old (his very first car), it has twin turbo engine under the hood that can generate astonishing 2800HP.

As the Big Chief himself is saying, after working on it for about three years, he is also very excited to get behind its wheel for a first time after a while and to feel it on the drag strip. There is much work, effort and big money spent on this car, but the ultimate goal is to make it a real monster and to put it on the very top of the scene. If you ask me, he is doing just fine to accomplish both.

So, in the video that you are about to see, the chief is down at Texas and decides that it is a time for the GTO Crow to feel the smell of the asphalt and to show just how good and mean it is. Check it out see how it went.

Anyway, check out this 1968 Plymouth Barracuda! 

Enjoy the video below!

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