The Best Rolls Royce Fails Compilation!

Check out the best Rolls Royce fails compilation on the video! All the best crashes, accidents and fails caught on tape with the Rolls Royce cars only!

Best Rolls Royce Fails 2

As we all know expensive luxury cars are not always matching with good drivers and owners. Actually some of the owners of these beautiful machines are not good drivers at all and their skills behind the wheel are very limited. Unfortunately the saying “More money than brains” can describe these situations.

These cars maybe look prestigious and elegant, but they all have real beasts under the hood with 500HP at least. So, the owners of these beauties must be experienced drivers, who really knows how to handle a car with powerful engine.

Do you think all of these cars were insured? Do you think some of those accidents are just an insurance frauds. Actually, do you think some of these situations were created only to gain a fraudulent outcome from an insurance process? Or you think all of them are just irresponsible drivers with lack of skills.

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