Make Sure Not To Miss Any Of The Best Driving Games For 2018!

Spending couple of hours each day playing computer game is something we all do. The number of games you can play is endless and new ones are released each day. However, all of us here enjoy the most when playing some of the best driving games, but who are they? Well, in this instance we take a look at some of the best driving games that you can play this year. Besides some of our obvious picks, there are some that need some explanation. No one should be surprised that in this list our top two picks are Dirt Rally and Forza Horizon 3. These are the games that have gone a long way ever since they were first released. They have the ultimate blend between realistic game-play and HD graphics. We also check out Shift 2 and Project CARS 2.

best driving games on pc 1

Just like as its predecessors, these two games is something which every gamer would want. If you are looking for a game that shifts from the laws of physics, you can check out Track Mania 2: Canyon. This game offers you many things you can do, so make sure to check it out. No driving games list would be complete without a Formula 1 game in it. Thus, we highly recommend you playing F1 2016, a hyper-realistic virtual experience. It is as close to the real Formula 1 as it can get. Next, we take a look at Driver: San Francisco and Race: Injection. Plenty of fun and intense racing is guaranteed with these two! But we do not stop here! Namely, there are two more games that you must play this year. One of them is Assetto Corsa and the other is iRacing. Plan your time and start racing!

Finally, you will not regret checking out the legendary Need For Speed!