Believe It Or Not – Jaguar Unveiled Its 7-Seat J PACE SUV!

Jaguar unveiled its new 7-Seat J PACE SUV in the highest class of the SUV model and as a rival for the upcoming new BMW X7 and the Porsche Macan. The Jaguar‘s PR director Richard Agnew announced: “I can categorically tell you that story was speculation. As far as I know [the story`s author] hasn`t spoken to anyone in the business about that. He didn`t quote any sources. Of course we could do anything, we could build a hovercraft or an aeroplane … but we have to wait and see what F-PACE does first.”

jaguar c-x17 dubai 009




This large luxurious SUV will stand on the same light aluminium construction as the XE model and will be available with the existing petrol and diesel engines including the twin turbochargers in the model’s top specification.

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