Check Out This 69 Ford Mustang With Only 69,000 Miles!

We should not exclude the fact and be cautious to what collectors say. And they are determined that barn discoveries like this 69 Ford Mustang old timer history are difficult, even impossible to find nowadays.

1969 Mustang Only 69K Miles b

If you are the type that wants to search and discover old timer like 69 Ford Mustang, rear gems of a ride, Internet shall surely be of much help, you just need to be in touch with the right sites.  You can begin with exploring the cool site, that shares interesting finds from all around the world on a weekly basis.

It is always beyond real to witness these types of cars left in some God forgotten place. Recently, the guys have posted some cool pics and info of this particular `69 Mustang .

Given the fact that the car has been off the road for over 30 years, the body appears to be in great shape!

If you want to see Furious Animal GAP`s Racing 1969 Ford Mustang  `Stampede` check out on this link!

Check the photos below!

1969 Mustang Only 69K Miles

Little is known on this Stang, but as we searched the web and found the discovery on their site, we see what an amazing opportunity of a restoration may be for some.  As we read, this `Stang has been found quite recently. It belonged solely to one owner and it has passed around 69 thousand miles. It is very straight and factory made, and it has not  been ridden since `83.

Truth been told, this `69 looks and performs surprisingly good for a car that hasn`t been driven for thre decades. Considering the owner is prepared to sell it, it could be a great restoration chance. It is not uncommon for the owners of this rides not to be prepared to let go of their vehicles, even though the haven`t used them for quite some time. If you want to know what we are talking about, check out our story on the 2 Superbirds that were rotting in some field , but had their chance of luck and ended up in good hands.

We sincerely hope that this amazing 69 Ford Mustang shall end up in the hands of a good and caring owner who will give her a second opportunity to raise from the ashes.