Peeling A Bad Clear Coat With Air Compressor!

This is definitely a situation you wouldn`t want to experience yourself. We don`t know about you, but we would definitely get angry if we pay for clear coating and to find out that it`s done very poorly! In the video that we are sharing with you guys today, you will see how a bad clear coat job looks like! If you want to clear coat your car, it will cost you several hundreds of dollars, and you definitely don`t want anything like this!

The guys in this garage use an air compressor to remove the clear coat, and huge chunks of it can be seen flying! This is not supposed to happen if the job is done properly. Nonetheless, these guys removed the clear coat completely, so the truck could be painted again.

There are several reasons why this happened. The most common explanation is that this happens when you wait too long to put on the clear coat. After you put the base coat, you shouldn`t wait a whole day to put on the clear coat! We just hope that whoever did the initial paintjob will learn from this mistake. Having a bad clear coat on your vehicle can make your vehicle look much older. In some more extreme cases, the clear coat can start peeling if you drive at high speeds! This is why it`s recommended to fix this problem if you have it. Luckily, you can always re-clear coat your car. All you have to do it wet sand the base and you are good to go.

Nevertheless, this is probably the worst clear coat we have ever stumbled upon. If your vehicle looks like the truck in this video, then you know what you have to do. Wait no more and watch the video to see how a bad clear coat job looks like!

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