Meet The Brand New Lime Green Audi RS TT 2017 Introduced In Neckarsulm! Gallery Inside!

Audi RS TT 2017 7
What really managed to grasp our attention is the Audi RS TT 2017! As we speak, this beautiful Lime Green Audi is temporarily on display at the Audi Forum in Neckarsulm! This German two-seater, besides the splendid Lime Green paint, is also complemented with carbon fiber and gloss black accents!

The Audi RS TT 2017, on the side, has 7-spoke 20 inch wheels to match the gloss black accents! At the rear, we can see twin-exhaust pipes which very well suits the RS badge! This powerful Coupe is yet to be launched, but the crowd can now have a closer look and bask upon its staggering look!

Audi RS TT 2017 11