2017 RS5 Audi Has Been Spotted On The Streets Testing The Chassis! Gallery Inside!

RS5 Audi 1
Audi was spotted testing the engine and the running gear of its next-gen RS5 super coupe! However, they are doing it in the body of an S5. But those bigger front air intakes, extensions on the wheel arch and bigger wheels reveal what truly lies beneath! And that is most probably the new RS5 Audi super coupe!

RS5 Audi 3

The larger intakes that are noticeable are most probably added to feed the new RS` more potent engine! The new engine is expected to be a V6 twin turbocharged engine that will deliver around 500HP! This indicated that the new 2017 RS5 Audi will have the ability to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in 4 seconds!