Get Your Shades Ready: This AUDI R8 Is The BRIGHTEST CAR In The World!

Slightly bright patterns are very interesting, but a retina burning yellow is totally on another level. The YouTube channel DipYourCar has put out some pretty interesting paint propositions throughout the years and we just can`t get enough. Their reputation go pretty high because they won`t try to sell you anything if they won`t use it on their personal cars, like thisĀ Audi R8.

Audi R8 Car Is The Brightest In The World 7

So, after much testing, they finally have come up with a paint which according to them is the brightest color on the planet. After watching the video, you`ll know they have a point. They try this paint on the stock Audi R8 car.

An Audi R8 car is something that would most definitely attract a lot of attention even in a nice neighborhood. However, when you paint this car with this Polaris Fluorescent pigment, it will most probably hypnotize everyone around you. The color is not that expensive either. It costs a couple hundred bucks. By comparison, buying this color from the car manufacturer may cost you around $20,000! So, if you want to attract attention with something else rather than performance this is the real deal. The guys from DipYourCar has named this paint Plasti Dip and you can see the whole process of applying it below.

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