1500HP Chevy Corvette T-Top With A Very Freaky Design Showing Off On The Road! Thoughts?!

This two-seater Chevy Corvette T-Top looks really nice! And it sounds even nicer! Flames on the sides in combination with chromed parts. Kind of an old school design. This automobile has quite a sound when is idle, but it creates goosebumps when it starts moving. The number of 1500 horses sounds exactly like this.

The title of this video says this Vette T-Top has 1500 HP, but of course, we can`t really be certain of that. But even if that is not true, it must have at least 800 horse power, and that is an immense horse power. Although this car has such power, the driver is driving it with caution without showing off. Ok, a little bit. And that`s when your sound system may suffer if your volume is increased too much. We are just kidding, of course it won`t. That`s the sound we are all looking for!

But, of course, some of you may not like this modified design that was done on the Corvette T-Top. Some of you may just think that a lot of money but bad taste equals this Chevy Corvette convertible. But at the end, it`s all down to a subjective opinion. One thing is certain about this Vette though. You won`t be exactly the stealthiest guy on the road. You are for sure bound to attract a lot of attention while driving to the grocery store.

Somewhere at the beginning of this video we can see a blue Subaru `ricer`, and behind the wheel we can see a chick that may be showing some enthusiasm to race this ride. But oh boy, that would have been a huge mistake. But, when we think of it, the Subaru `ricer` may give this heavily modified Vette a run for its money on a mountain road.

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Enjoy the video below!

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