Official Information: Aston Martin Red Bull AM RB 001 Hypercar! Super Coalition Between Aston Martin And The Red Bull F1 Team!

Aston Martin Red Bull 2
The Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar is one of the most highly anticipated hypercars for the year! Now finally it has been unveiled at the Aston Martin Headquarters! Aston Martin teamed up with F1 designer Adrian Newey and his team -- Red Bull Racing! All this in order to create the most supreme model on Aston Martin`s portfolio!

The brand new Aston Martin Red Bull hypercar is powered by a naturally aspirated V12 engine! Aston Martin still hasn’t┬árevealed the exact numbers that this beasty car will run. However, they have announced that their aim is for a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio! Meaning that the brand new Aston Martin hypercar will deliver 1HP per 2 pounds!

Aston Martin Red Bull 6