Aston Martin Announced Their Aston GT12 Convertible At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed Today!

Aston GT12 1
The Aston GT12 is the most track focused variant in the Q division! But Aston Martin has done something very special with their GT12! They revealed their one-off GT12 Roadster Convertible! The Roadster was announced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed today!

The Aston GT12 thanks to its V12 6.0L engine delivers 592HP and 461 lb-ft of torque! Because of its light weight is staggeringly quick around the track! The titanium exhaust system provides an amazing soundtrack! The sound the Roadster produces, can`t be rivaled by any turbocharged cars today!
Unfortunately the price has not been released yet! So stay tuned!

Aston GT12 2