Aluminium Tool Boxes Turn Your Vehicle into a Versatile Truck

Do you own a UTE? A utility vehicle is valuable and can be turned in nearly anything you want it to be. Smaller cars are not as easily transformed into something else, and they are only good for transporting people.When you own a UTE, you can do whatever you want with it. The rear cargo tray can be reshaped in anything you want, and the final shape of your UTE can be a truck that you can use for many different needs. Only your imagination is the limit, so it’s probably doable if you can think about a versatile truck.

tool boxes

In this article, we’re talking more about the aluminium tool boxes available on the Australian car equipment market. If you like some of them, feel free to call one of the many companies providing this service. We will share some information and ideas about what you can do with them.

1. Toolboxes provide a ton of space to pack everything

Most utility vehicles provide enormous space. The average size of the tray is 1855 x 1885 mm, which is truly a big place and enough to store anything inside. Some people’s offices are smaller than this, so you can easily turn this place into a mobile office.

You can place a chair and a desk inside, use your smartphone as a portable hot spot to gain internet access outside your home, which means it’s easy to get this done. We mentioned in the beginning that only your imagination could be a limit. Anything you want can be done here.

2. Excellent for people whose vehicles are used for business

Some people use their cars for business. From contractors to taxi drivers, they all need more room in the back. Let’s talk about contractors for a second. If you’re working in this field, you surely need to pack a ton of tools and equipment when you’re going on the job.

Without the perfect storage, you can’t be sure that they are safe and will be useful when you get there. Most contractors use smaller lightweight mobile toolboxes that can be carried, but this is not enough in most cases. Some people need more space to place machines that are needed while working. A tool box can be a game-changer in this situation.

3. Tourists find amazing use of it

Tourists who travel through the continent love spending more time in the open. When you’re going to the Northern Territories to experience adventures, you know that there aren’t Hilton hotels on every corner. You’ll need to sleep in a tent.

Some people turn their vehicles into small rooms where they can sleep, prepare meals, and even work. A carefully tailored tool box can be just enough for a couple to spend weeks in nature. The giant box can be used as a shelter by night, and the vehicle will take you from one place to another during the day.

4. You don’t have to hire removalists

When you need to remove your furniture from one place to another, you’ll probably look for removalists. Professionals will come with a van or a smaller truck, depending on how many belongings you have.

You don’t have to do this anymore. Installing a tool box in the back of your UTE will be enough to transport everything in a couple of trips. You won’t pay a dime to companies, and you’ll be the one responsible for the transport.

5. Choice of material is essential

You might have noticed that we said aluminium tool boxes at the beginning. There’s a reason why it was like that. There are a couple of options for these items out there. The most commonly used are steel, aluminium, and titanium.

They all have their pros and cons, but aluminium is the best. Why? Because steel is very heavy and will cost you a lot on fuel over a long period, while titanium is extremely lightweight and durable, but also extremely expensive. Aluminium is in the middle of both, making it the best option.

6. Custom-made toolboxes are also available

Another valuable info is that you can always ask for a custom-made tool box. You can buy factory-made ones, but you should ask for a custom-made tool box if you want to see it fit perfectly. That means not only to fit tightly on your UTE, but you can ask for a different design, finish, and looks.

Most models are made for specific UTE models, which is a more affordable option. Still, if you want them made oversized or made differently than usual, then you’ll want to call the company you’re about to work with and order something different.


Everyone who installed an aluminium tool box on their UTE admits that this was the best move they ever made. It doesn’t matter why you need it; there’s no downside to doing it. Whether it is work or pleasure, owning one in the rear of your car is the best thing you can do for yourself.