Nissan S15 With Dry Sumped Nissan SR20 Engine & Boosted!

Check this amazing 9000rpm Nissan S15 With Dry Sumped Nissan SR20 Engine & Boosted by a Precision Turbocharger on E85 fuel and MoTeC EFI!!!

Are you ready to experience one more episode of your favorite sound? We know you always are! Therefore press play and listen to this mighty machine. But before you do so, let us say a few words about this automobile. Besides the components we already mentioned in the title, it would be a good idea to number some more. Like the P11 VE cylinder head, Full Race exhaust manifold, ARE Dry sump oiling system, Skyline R33 RB25 gearbox and Nismo twin-plate clutch. These parts are put together by Sandown Mechanical Repairs. All of the components together give this vehicle 594 horsepower!

Finally, check out this amazing 1993 Nissan!

Enjoy the video below!

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