9 Tips To Stay Safe On Texas Roads

Texas people are known to be friendly and kind-hearted. They`re always willing to assist when anyone needs help. However, the roads aren`t that kind, as a severe accident is likely to happen from time to time across the state. According to The Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT), 3,377 people lost their lives in car accidents in 2013 alone. Also, some people sustained severe injuries following these accidents. Luckily, most of these accidents are preventable. All that`s needed are drivers who can adhere to road safety. Here, we`ll discuss how you can stay safe on Texas roads.

  1. Slow Down 

One of the best ways to stay safe on a highway is to be keen on the speed limit on the road. According to The National Safety Council, ignoring or not adhering to these speed limits leads to the deaths of not less than 28 individuals each day throughout Texas. These numbers add up to 10,000 deaths per year. To avoid being a part of the road accident statistics, ensure to slow down when driving. Doing so does not only ensure your safety on the road, but also those of your fellow motorists.

  1. Prepare For Emergency

While we`re focusing on ways to prevent accidents and stay safe, sometimes emergencies occur. Therefore, you should have your insurance information on board whenever driving. Prepare emergency supplies such as a first aid kit, fire extinguisher, flashlight, medicines, and a flat tire repair kit. Additionally, emergency triangles should always be in your vehicle. You may also want to understand what to do after a car accident in Texas just in case. Nothing beats when you prepare for anything unexpected.

  1. Avoid Drunk Driving 

Over and over again, we come across commercials and billboards bearing the same message: don`t drink and drive. It helps to be sober on the roads as you can think straight and make informed decisions to prevent accidents. However, some drivers ignore this tip, leading to serious injuries and deaths due to intoxication. If you can, discipline yourself not to drink if you’ll drive. If not, do not drive at all. 

  1. Don`t Text And Drive 

Texting while driving is also among the leading causes of road accidents. It`s therefore advisable to stay off your mobile phone until you get to your destination. However, if the text involves an emergency, you should do the right thing: pull over your car or exit the highway before attending to the message. This way, you`ll protect your life and fellow road-users.

  1. Understand The Signals On Your Dashboard 

Vehicles are designed to warn the driver if something`s wrong. While on the road, be alert when your dashboard tries to communicate with you. Since most car dashboards bear about 64 symbols, it`s understandable if you do not know what they all mean. However, if the dashboard indicates a sign that you don`t understand, it won`t hurt to pull over and seek assistance. It’s also essential for you to read the manual of your vehicle first to know the signs and symbols that your dashboard may reflect. 

  1. Don`t Drive When Sleepy 

If you`re up for a long drive, get enough sleep before the journey. It will also help if you take breaks every few hours to stretch your body or go to the bathroom. You must also eat a healthy diet from time to time to have the energy needed. 

If possible, have someone to share the driving with. However, if you can`t get a good driver, at least have someone to keep you company. They`ll help keep the conversation going to ensure you`re awake and alert.

  1. Prepare For Inclement Road Conditions 

Texas might have warm weather all-round the year, but this doesn`t prevent ice from forming on bridges, shaded areas, and overpasses during winter. In the event of ice on the road, the Texas Department of Public Safety stipulates drivers drive below the speed limit and allow fellow drivers enough room. 

In the event of a skid, don`t press on the brakes; rather, cease pressing the gas pedal and gently steer towards the direction you want to go.

  1. Buckle Up 

Wearing your seatbelts is one of the first safety measures you need to do before traveling. All vehicles are equipped with seat belts to prevent severe injuries during a crash and save lives. Throughout your journey, ensure to have your seatbelt on, and so should everyone on board. 

  1. Avoid Altercations 

It`s common to see some motorists get agitated when driving, resorting to aggressive behavior to express themselves. When you encounter such a situation, distance yourself as much as possible to avoid further provocation. You should also take the necessary steps to ensure calm throughout your drive.


Each driver wishes to get to their destination safe and sound. However, these wishes sometimes never come true due to road accidents. Nevertheless, if each driver takes it upon themselves to prevent accidents, they might be a thing of the past. Also, if you`re not sure you can drive safely, it`s always right to let someone with experience take up the task. We hope that the tips provided are helpful to ensure that you stay safe on Texas roads.