7 Must-have Items To Increase Your Safety On The Road

While getting a flat tire, running out of gas, or perhaps being involved in a collision might be some of the last things on your mind during a seemingly straightforward journey, emergencies do happen. Some must-have car essentials will prepare you to tackle any unforeseen obstacles head-on and keep your vehicle running until you safely arrive at your destination. You may think that you would never need to use these, but it is always good to have peace of mind knowing that you are equipped to deal with any bad situation while out on the road. They are items to increase your safety on the road as follows:

Spare Tire and Car Jack

There is nothing more frustrating than having a flat tire or a puncture and being stranded on the roadside feeling helpless. Stray nails, sharp rocks, and other roadside hazards render a flat tire one of the most common roadside emergencies you may have to encounter. Carrying a spare tire in your car and a few tools means you can successfully replace a bad tire with a spare one. 

Driving on a flat tire for long distances is not only a major inconvenience, but it can also cause significant costly damage to the internal structure of the wheels, brakes, and other components of your vehicle. More importantly, it may lead to dangerously poor vehicle handling and control, resulting in a major collision. 

First Aid Kit

Keeping a well-stocked first-aid kit in your vehicle is one of the best ways to prepare for emergencies while out on the road. From bandaging a small cut to applying an antiseptic ointment over a scrape, having some essential first aid supplies in your emergency roadside kit is vital to tackle minor medical emergencies when outdoors and prevent further damage. Make sure to include band-aids, a bug repellant, antibiotic cream, OTC pain relievers, and scissors & tweezers in your kit. 

If you do not want to put in the effort yourself, you can always buy a prepackaged first-aid kit online.

Jumper Cables or Car Battery Charger

No car emergency kit would be complete without jumper cables or perhaps a car battery charger. Jumper cables can help jump-start your car if your car battery drains out for any reason, such as if you leave the lights on in the parking. By connecting your jumper cables to your car`s battery and that of the other vehicle, you can resurrect the dead battery and get your car back on the road without much hassle.

Likewise, you may also find it worth investing in a car battery charger.  It is an excellent alternative to traditional jumper cables as it does not require you to ask a friendly stranger to help restart your car with their vehicle`s battery.

Fire Extinguisher

Car fires are intrinsically horrible, but the disaster can multiply manifold when you have no means to control the blaze. Accordingly, securely equipping your car with a fire extinguisher is a wise choice to enhance your safety on the road. 

Fuel system leaks, mechanical failures, and overheated engines are some common causes of vehicle fires. You can control many of these eventualities before they become unmanageable with a fire extinguisher. If you have any doubts about whether you will be able to put off the blaze or not, steer clear of the car and call fire services immediately. 


A flashlight can come in real handy in the event of a vehicle breakdown, flat tire, or any other emergency which may leave you stranded on the roadside in the dark. You can also use it to flag down other motorists to assist you. 

Now you may argue against a flashlight as you could use the torch in your cell phone as a light source. However, using the built-in torch in your phone would deplete its battery rapidly, and the last thing you want in an emergency is your cell phone`s battery giving up on you. Besides, smartphone flashlights are not very bright, which may give you a hard time taking a look under the hood or shedding light on something a few feet away. 

Power Bank

We live in the era of smartphones, where we rely on them as a means for communication more than anything else. From receiving directions, using it to listen to your favorite playlist, or perhaps calling 911 emergency services, a cellphone is an essential tool that we must carry with us when we head out on the road. 

But phone batteries can often die unexpectedly and in the most desperate of times. That means you could be left stranded on the roadside with no available power outlets nearby. Keeping a portable power bank on hand will keep your phone charged and running at all times and could be a real lifesaver in an emergency scenario where you may need to leave your vehicle while running low on battery.  

Water Bottles

Keeping a few water bottles on hand in your car can do a lot more than just quenching your thirst and helping you stay hydrated during the hot summer temperatures. You can use it to top up the radiator if the car overheats, refill the windshield wiper reservoir, or perhaps use it to clean stains off your clothes during a long road trip. However, make sure not to leave plastic water bottles in your car during the summers, as the chemicals from the plastic may leach into the water when it heats up. 

Instead of being woefully unprepared to cope in emergencies, a little bit of planning and forethought can go a long way in saving you from a dreadful experience. Stock up your car with these safety essentials before hitting the road to prepare yourself should things go wrong. An emergency car kit can go a long way in keeping you and your family safe in a crisis.