8 Tips How to Tune Your Hyundai Veloster Car Turbo!

If your Hyundai Veloster Car Turbo is not enough for you, maybe you should make some changes to improve your vehicle’s roadability, engines air intake, exhaust system, brakes as well as some exterior body changes.

hyundai veloster tuning rear

Maybe you should start your tuning process with big intercooler, new wheels, tires,  mirror cover… and continue with the suggested list bellow!

1. Braking System!

PA sport F50 355mm kit

hyundai veloster tuning brakes

2. Front Anti-Roll bar 

-- 21 mm -- stock stabilizer for  Hyundai Veloster Car
-- 22 mm -- Stock stabilizer for Veloster Turbo
-- 27 mm -- “Super Drift” stabilizer

3. Roadability of Rear Wheels

-- Rateral load -- Z Link

-- Billstein BTC -- Damper & Springs

-- Super Drift -- Sway Bar

hyundai veloster tuning rear stabilizers exhaust


4. Variable Exhaust Turbo System!

-- PICO Ehxaust System -- sound with high tone in high REV and roars in low REV.

5. Air Intake System!

AEM air filter with dry cotton type.

6. Reinforce Cooling System!

This big FMIC by “Super Drift”

-- Intercooler pipe covered by the front bumper.

-- Blow off valve on the inter cooler pipe

-- Wind baffle plate

-- Radiator stopper

hyundai veloster tuning air intake grille

7. BOV (Blow off valve)!

-- Super Drift BOV is with unique sound comparing to others

8. Further Plan for Tunning

-- Rear brake upgrade
-- Body reinforcement kit
-- Big Radiator Grille

hyundai veloster tuning exhaust

hyundai veloster tuning


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