9 Second GTR RB26 2.6L Engine With Boosted Garret GT42 Turbo!

Check this 9 Second GTR With RB26 2.6L Engine With Garret GT42 Turbo! It has Haltech E85 ECu fuel system, full exhaust, 3spd auto transmission, E85 Ethanol…

We often see various types of Nissans in different situations, racing, drifting etc. However, this Nissan R34 Skyline GT-T we have here is not very common sight at the drag racing events. We don`t know why, but according to what we have seen, we think it could take part in more races. Anyway, let`s leave the assumptions aside and focus on the video itself! This car looks great and sounds great at the same time! And when these two traits are standing next to each other, they lack only one, velocity! But not this time, the Nissan has that this as well!

However, this Challenger here has entered the 6 seconds club!

Enjoy the video below!

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