9-Sec Turbo D Chevy LS1 S 10 With A MASSIVE SMOKEY Burnout!

Check out this amazing 9-Sec Turbo’D Chevy LS1 S-10 With A MASSIVE SMOKEY Burnout & Demonic SOUND! It looks like it is all fun and everybody is playing games until the LS1 Chevy comes out … Real power guys…

Are we right when we say that you often catch yourself wondering about life and imagining yourself in an AWESOME classic rushing through the streets doing burnouts?! That is right, isn`t it? Well, what kind of a car do you picture yourself in? Never mind. We will give you a moment to think about that! Maybe you will figure it out after you watch this video! There is a Chevy LS1 S10 that did an AMAZING burnout right on the streets! It was all caught on camera and this driver is sure very proud about it! Click on the video below!

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Enjoy the video below!

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