8 Techniques Police Use To Stop Dangerous Cars! How They Handle Vehicle Pursuits!

Vehicle pursuits can become very difficult and stressful for a police officers to handle. This is especially true at very high speeds. Because of this, there are many methods to stop a dangerous vehicle on the run. In this video, we explore eight techniques that the police use in order to stop dangerous cars as soon as possible. One of these contraptions is the amazing net and cable barriers. This system spans up to fifty five feet. It has the ability to automatically retract or deploy within 2 seconds.

Techniques To End Vehicle Pursuits 2

This net can stop a 15,000 lb truck moving at 50mph. The cable system is equally efficient. Any vehicle that weighs up to 15,000 lb and running at 30mph would be stopped immediately. Other technique the police use to stop dangerous cars is the infamous Pitbull. This contraption used to end vehicle pursuits comes from Pacific Scientific Ltd and it`s a trigger-happy car-stopping speed bump. It features a Spiderman-looking web. The Pitbull was made for Homeland Security. Even though this one looks like just a usual speed bump, it`s way more than that.

When the target car`s wheels touch the device, nasty spikes that are attached firmly to a spider looking netting are immediately launched into the car`s tires. Up next, brace yourself for the Elkosta Wedge. This is a very formidable barricade made for stopping unwanted guests. This barrier offers maximum security against vehicles of literally all sizes. This is works just like a wall barricade that is hydraulically raised from the ground in 1 mere second! Watch the video below for the rest of the contraptions in this interesting list.

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