7 UNUSUAL DRIFT MACHINES Which Every Drift Fan Should See!

We have said numerous times before, that if a person loves great and powerful rides, enjoys watching races (whether it`ll be drag racing, or in a race circuit, or any other kind), it`s almost impossible not to love drifting as well! And that is why we`re constantly showing you various drift videos, from amazing performances, to some jaw-dropping builds, and everything in between! However, this mainly means that we get to see some powerful cars (Detroit muscles, or some fast imports) turned into drift beasts. In other words, conventional drift rides!

But today we have decided to show you something a little bit different! As you could have read in the title, what we have in the video below, is a presentation of seven unusual drift machines, that could be described as everything, but classic, or conventional, if you will!

We have a real rock of a drift machine, the Swedish Volvo FM12 truck, the Ford Transit van, the Volkwagen Passat B7 and a few others that will surely leave a good impression to most of you. Some of them, you`ll find to be not so unusual, and even somehow familiar (like the Lamborghini Murcielago), but nevertheless, we guarantee you`ll have plenty of fun watching these awesome rides in drift action!

So, check out the video, and see what you`ll make of it! Later on, you can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below! And if you want to read another interesting article, about the Top 10 drift cars of all times, go to this link.