6 Tips To Prevent Trucking and Construction Accidents

Because of their size and the inherent possible dangers in the construction industry, truck drivers and even construction workers are prone to accidents. In most cases, the outcome of truck accidents can be devastating. When it collides with smaller vehicles, the accident can be fatal. With this, truck drivers and construction workers are aware of the dangers of their profession. Most, if not all, practice safe driving and work behavior. However, accidents may still occur. Here are some insightful tips to prevent trucking and construction accidents:

6 Tips To Prevent Trucking and Construction Accidents 1

1. Avoid Blind Spots

When driving close to a truck, remember that because of its size, it has more blind spots than an ordinary vehicle would have. Here are some of the common blind spots of truck drivers:

  • Two lanes wide on the truck`s right side;
  • The lane on the truck drivers` side, up to at least half of the trailer`s length;
  • Twenty feet in front of the truck;
  • Thirty feet behind the truck.

Hence, whenever possible, avoid those areas. The basic rule of thumb to apply is, if you can`t see the truck driver from their side mirror, then chances are they can`t see you as well. Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and a truck.

Seek for more information about the possibility and statistics of accidents that can happen while on the road because of these blind spots and even in the construction site.

2. Always Wear Safety Gear

In construction sites, even if you`re just on a quick site visit, always wear safety gear. This rule couldn`t be reiterated enough. Apart from the local construction safety standards in place that make wearing safety gear a requirement, wearing the right safety gear can be your first line of defense in case an accident happens.

Generally, the basic safety gear should include harnesses, hard hats, eye protection, steel toe boots and hearing protection.

3. Be Very Cautious When Passing Through

If it`s now safe for you to pass through the truck, still exercise extreme caution. Remember that due to its size, large truck can`t easily stop or maneuver around to avoid an accident.

That said, here are some important points to remember:

  • When a truck passes your vehicle, stay on the correct lane and slow down. That way, you can give more time for the truck driver to safely pass through, also minimizing their blind spots.
  • Don`t try to overtake a truck when going downhill or uphill, as these are situations on the road when the truck driver may naturally try to increase speed.
  • Don`t swerve back into your lane, right in front of the truck, unless you can see the truck driver clearly on your rear view mirror.

4. Maintain All Trucks And Work Equipment

In all situations, prevention should always come first. This applies also in the trucking and construction industries.

Many accidents can be avoided, simply when the equipment and truck fleet are well-maintained. Even when there seems to be no apparent problem with it, skipping a maintenance check is highly discouraged.

5. Give Clear Signals When Driving

The signal light of a car and truck are there for a reason. You’re supposed to use it to inform, or give a signal to drivers that you`ll be making a turn, changing lane, swerving, or whatnot. Always use these signal lights.

Most importantly, don`t use them on the last-minute right when you`re about to make that turn. Use your signal sooner than you normally would with other motorists, so that the truck driver will also have more time to slow down. If you do any sudden changes, the truck driver may not have enough time to adjust, given the size of the vehicle they`re driving.

6. Develop Safety Protocols

This last tip is now considered a must, given the stringent standards set by the authorities. Often, the failure to develop safety protocols in the construction workplace will result in fines and penalties.

Most importantly, when there are safety protocols in place, you`re giving all employees a basis of the minimum standards that must be applied to ensure everyone`s safety in the site.


Since trucks and construction are two of the most important industries in the employment field, it also has a large number of employees. However, despite the employment opportunities it brings, it`s also not the safest job to have.

Accidents are very common, because of the hazards that are in place. Because of the dangers, employees in this sector are also prone to accidents. Hopefully, the tips above will help you avoid accidents, if it couldn`t put a stop to these workplace accidents.