7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers That Make a Big Difference

If you drive a truck for a living, safety is your most important area of focus. It will protect your life and keep other drivers safe as you travel. Your record will stay clean, which lets you earn money without setbacks. So how do you stay safe when you’re on the road? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about some safety tips for truck drivers that can benefit you whenever you are on the road. 

7 Safety Tips for Truck Drivers That Make a Big Difference 1

1. Always Get Plenty of Rest and Eat Healthily on the Road

You have to take care of yourself if you drive hours on the road. If your focus and attention slip, or you get tired, you run the risk of falling asleep behind the wheel and causing a calamitous accident. 

To avoid this, make sure that you are getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep each night, with no exceptions. Sleep needs to be planned into your trip like anything else. That way, you never have to feel like you are mismanaging time to the point of sacrificing sleep. 

Stay in hotels that are comfortable and cozy so that you don’t have an issue falling asleep. It’ll allow you to get several rapid eye movement (REM) cycles so that your body and brain are completely restored each night. You will have far less fatigue on the road when you wake up each day rested and ready to go. 

It’s also crucial that you watch what you eat when you drive. You can easily fall into snacking on junk food, which might be tasty, but doesn’t give you the nutrients that you need for longevity and attentiveness. Instead, eat healthy food that doesn’t give you a crash or cause you to get brain fog. 

Get to a gym whenever you can so that your body doesn’t feel tight and cramped up from all of the time that you spend behind the wheel. 

2. Plan Out Your Breaks 

Aside from sleep, you should also be taking frequent breaks. Grabbing a nap, getting a bite to eat, or just stretching your legs can keep you energized and will prevent mental fatigue. 

Breaking the trip up like this makes it far less daunting, and will allow you to enjoy the journey. In fact, you can use your breaks to sightsee and scratch attractions off the list in your travels. Your breaks don’t always have to be long, but you will thank yourself when you’re able to get through your driving shifts more effectively. 

3. Maintain Your Truck so That It’s Always in Great Shape

One of the best ways to keep your truck safe is to maintain it to the best of your ability. By getting your truck repaired on a regular basis it is less likely to deal with leaking fluids, busted transmissions, overheated engines, and other problems. 

You’re better able to trust your truck when you know that it is at its best. Failing to take care of your truck can also leave you open to citations for equipment failure, which will add up on your record. 

4. Cut Out Distractions and Keep Your Eyes on the Road

It’s always important that you minimize your distractions. Texting and driving or fiddling through your phone will take your eyes off the road so that you don’t see the danger that you’re approaching. 

Use hands-free and voice commands whenever possible so that you can access all of your multimedia and settings without having to touch your phone or take your eyes off the road. 

5. Get Daily Reports on Weather, Traffic, and News

You’ll always be safer when you know what you’re facing before hitting the road. Start by checking the weather report the night before. This way, you’ll find out if precipitation is likely and can plan around it. 

Look into traffic reports as far in advance as possible to learn about road closures and detours. You should also get alerts about accidents so you can avoid them and the traffic backup that comes with it. 

6. Always Monitor Your Speed and Braking Distance

Follow the speed limit no matter where you are. This keeps you safe and also helps you to avoid speeding citations. Getting speeding infractions can put your driving career in jeopardy. 

You also need to maintain as much braking distance as possible so that you don’t run the risk of rear-ending the driver in front of you. This distance is longer when it’s raining or you’re dealing with other weather issues. 

7. Wear Your Seatbelt at All Times and Continue Your Education

In a recent calendar year, seatbelts saved close to 15,000 lives of people involved in accidents. Never get behind the wheel of the truck without wearing your seatbelt. 

You should also sign up for continuing education courses that will make you a better and safer driver. Always read more about compliance safety accountability so that you can stay up to date. 

There are courses that can get you new certifications, or just teach you new techniques for loading and unloading inventory. 

Use These Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

These safety tips for truck drivers will help you out at every point in your career. You’ll be glad that you added these tips to your repertoire since they protect both your life and your livelihood. 

Let these tips help you if you earn your living behind the wheel. In the meantime, check back for more automotive tips that’ll help you thrive.