6 Signs Your Vehicle Needs a Wheel Alignment

Did you know a lot of drivers don`t know much about vehicle maintenance? If you want some tips on essential wheel alignment maintenance, we`re here to help. This vehicle safety guide will go over common signs that your wheel alignment is out of whack. You’ll also learn why you should stay up-to-date with wheel maintenance. Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

1. Your Vehicle Will Tug to the Right or Left

One sure sign that your alignment is out of whack is if your car begins to pull to a specific side. It`s relatively standard for you to notice a slight pull to the right or left.

Yet, if you tend to steer to keep straight all the time, you need to fix your alignment.

Crooked steering wheels usually indicate you have a misaligned car. Your steering wheel was designed to remain dead center. If you drive down a straight road, you can check to see if the steering wheel`s aligned.

2. Your Steering Wheel or Vehicle Shakes

As you accelerate, you might notice that your steering wheel or entire car has started to vibrate.

If your vehicle`s shaking a lot, you might have a significant wheel misalignment problem. Hire a technician to help diagnose the problem.

3. Your Tires Wear Down Fast

If you have begun to notice tire wear, you might have a wheel alignment problem. Tire wear should remain even on the outside and inside of your wheels.

A trained mechanic can quickly identify if the tire has abnormal wear. Like car shaking, irregular tire wear reveals a few different problems.

If the wheels of your vehicle fall out of alignment, you will have uneven tire wear. Make sure you inspect the tires. Is one side smoother than the other?

Tire wear will appear uneven if you have an alignment problem. You should check the tread depth on both sides of the tires. If one looks more worn down than the other, you might have an alignment issue.

Do you notice wear on the inside or outside edges? This is an indication that there`s a camber adjustment issue.

4. Your Vehicles Tend to Squeal

Vehicle owners have to deal with squealing car tires. If you notice a loud squeal when you turn or accelerate, you might have a problem. Your steering wheel might be out of alignment, and it can ruin your tires.

The toe and camber settings affect the wheel alignment. If one of these settings moves out of its normal position, you`ll have adverse friction. You might notice squealing or other noises from your wheels.

Wheel alignment is different compared to tire balancing. Tire balancing refers to handling the weight distribution. The suspension might get affected if you hit a pothole or a large road curb.

It can also move out of alignment if the mechanic breaks the settings during a tire rotation. Remember that wheel alignment is much different from tire balancing. People tend to confuse these situation procedures.

5. You Have a Bumpy Ride

A proper alignment will ensure you have a smooth ride. However, have you begun to notice that you bump all around the road? If there`s a vibration in the steering wheel, you should address the problem immediately.

6. What About a Loose Steering Wheel?

People often notice their steering wheel begins to feel a bit loose. Do you turn your wheel but detect little tire movement? You might have an alignment problem.

A common culprit is the power of steering. Make sure you get it checked out along with your wheel alignment.

How Do You Fix Alignment Problems?

If something doesn`t feel right, you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic.

First, try to get rid of weight from your vehicle. Do you have too much in the boot of your car? You could throw the alignment off.

Make sure you remove excess weight. You should also watch the air pressure. The proper air pressure in your tires will mean your vehicle stays straight. Any discrepancies will mean the wheels move out of alignment.

Remain a cautious driver. You will throw the alignment out of whack if you hit bumps or the curb. Worse, you could damage the brakes.

Try to conserve speed. Remain careful behind the wheel, so you don`t put a lot of strain on the suspension and steering.

What Are the Benefits of Wheel Alignment?

Alignment problems will lead to significant issues with your car. A mechanic inspects your vehicle, including being able to lengthen tire lifespan.

You can also lengthen the warranty requirements. Most tires have a clause in their warranty agreement.

The clause often asks you to complete frequent alignment checks. This way, you can ensure the tire isn`t wearing down wrong.

A vehicle with excellent wheel alignment is a lot easier to drive. Alignment issues are common if you drive on old country roads with potholes. Vehicles with solid wheel alignment don`t affect other car parts, and you’ll save on gas as well.

It’s important to do your research if you’re wondering how often you should get a wheel alignment.

Don’t Delay on Wheel Alignment Servicing 

We hope this guide on wheel alignment was helpful. Make sure you bring your car to a mechanic if you notice any of these issues for vehicle safety. You can prevent accidents or major problems by remaining proactive.

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