500,000 Older Cars in UK Won’t Need MOT Test! New Rules Starts NEXT YEAR!

Check out the video below to see why 500,000 older cars won’t need MOT test due to new rules that are starting from next years. Starting exactly from May 2018 around half a million older cars in the United Kingdom will be exempt from the MOT test. Actually, around 300,000 cars will be added to the existing 200,000 which no longer need to pass the Ministry of Transport test.

500000 Older Cars in UK Wont Need MOT Test 11

According to the new rules starting next year, cars that are older than 40 years will no londer need to pass the roadworthiness and exhaust emissions test. That means that 1,5% from the 31,700,000 cars in UK will be road legal but without MOT certificate.

Department for Transport claims that the owners of these vintage cars keep them in a very good condition and they are not driving them regularly on the road, so the MOT test is not necessary. However, they also announced that those old car owners who thinks that an annual MOT check is needed will be able to take a voluntary MOT on their vehicles.

So, do you think that new rules means that more dangerous (untested) cars will be on the road? Please share your thoughts with us and tell us what do you think.