Dad’s First Drive In His Sons 500 HP Subaru WRX! Dad Completely Lost His Mind!

There is something very special about a son and father sharing a love for hot rodding. This video delivers an amazing look at that special bond and dynamic, with a great twist. In most cases, it is the dad the one who shows the son how things go when it comes to everything automotive. Usually it`s a lecture on how fast to go in certain moments and how to tackle the power. However, YouTuber SuBros is having none of that and he decided to be the one in charge showing his dad how things should be. The vehicle he decided to do this is in a 500 HP Subaru WRX!

Yeah folks, he tossed his dad the keys and allowed him to have a first taste of ultimate power, and dad completely lost his mind and loves this sports car. Judging by that wide grin, the son is very proud as his father gets all hand-shaky throughout his first encounter with the devil known as horsepower. The dad`s straightforward reaction is something money can`t buy. After his first experience with a true sports car like this 500 HP Subaru WRX, this dad will definitely start a new hobby. A hobby which includes building an extremely powerful sports car like junior`s Subaru.

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