50 Inch Wheels on Oldsmobile Cutlass!

There are many awesome modifications you can do to your car to make it look cool and make it more powerful. Even though we have previously seen some absolutely weird, and by many, ugly looking changed to certain cars, what you are about to see in the following video can be the weirdest of them all. This man was walking besides a pawn shop when he spotted this unusual classic Cutlass. But what makes the car so extraordinary? Well, instead of having the old and classy wheels, this Cutlass has tremendously large 50 inch wheels.

50 Inch Wheels on Oldsmobile Cutlass 2

Yes, you heard it right. These indeed are one of the most unusual wheels we have seen being mounted on a classic Olds Cutlass. But this car is out of function and has been sitting there just as a prompt. No matter how different and strange those wheels look, we must admit that the wire rims coated in gold are actually nice.

Hence it was impossible to find such big tires, they had to cut open couple of normal tires and fix them together. The engine is taken out, something that can be clearly seen from the sides. The frame has remained unchanged and it there has not been done any significant modification to the body, hence the 50 inch wheels fit just about right in the frame.

This classic Cutlass is one of the strangest ones we have seen for sure. What do you think, could we say that it is actually beautiful, or something that makes no sense?