Take a Deep Breath and Check This 1971 Olds Cutlass S “SR71”!

The competition at SEMA is harsh. Shops negotiate with the vendors during the whole year in order to make sure that they`ll get the spot they like. But when you see certain car standing on one of these spots, you can put your head on that that`s the best car of its type or a one of a kind monster. GM LS is a brand of engines well known for its reliability and horsepower. Kevin Oeste`s SR71 runs an one of a kind Olds powerplant. This handsome sir, started like a 1971 Olds Cutlass S, whose original owner ordered especially with 4-4-2 options until he was cashless.

Sadly, its 455 was replaced with a 350ci 4-bbl, four speed, disc brakes, sway bars, fiberglass air induction hood, bucket seats and a 3.42:1 posi rear. Kevin`s plan was to build a more sophisticated and better version of the original, so he added up a ton of high tech equipment and power. Its strength was increased with a 350ci Olds diesel block. It is a quiet companion, with its small cam, pulls 20 inches of vacuum at idle. But if you step on it, it shall boost rapidly and tear the tires apart. Its volumetric efficiency reaches 223 percent, with 5700 rpm and 16 psi.

At last, check out this 1971 OldsĀ Cutlass on 22″ Asantis!

Enjoy the video below!

1971 Olds Cutlass S

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