5 Great Features You Need for Your Next Truck

When people think of trucks, they often jump to images of rugged, hard-working folks who don`t need anyone`s help.  Truck people often fit this mold, for better or for worse, but that doesn`t mean their truck needs to be too rugged itself.  You can set your truck up to be a workhorse, but a comfortable and stylish one, too. In this era of transportation, traveling in style isn`t just a luxury; it`s a truck owner`s expectation that the truck they use is at least outfitted with some features that make driving safer and more comfortable.  So whether you`ve just been browsing Americantrucks.com and constructing your next truck or you`re an owner looking to upgrade, here are five excellent features to look for:

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Heated (and Cooled) Seats

One of the first things that many people think of when they think of luxurious vehicle features is temperature-controlled seats, and with good reason.  Any time you`re in your truck, you`re going to be sitting down, so why not get a widely available feature that helps keep you comfortable while you sit?

If you live in a colder climate, seat heaters are an absolutely lovely way to stave off the winter.  And in hotter climates, instead of your seats burning you every time you leave it in the sun, you can simply cool them down and ride normally.  Temperature-controlled seats are an easy win for one of the best additions you can make to your vehicle.

Proximity Sensors

Trucks are tall; this is no secret.  Being in a tall vehicle like this can be both fun and practical, but it can also make seeing other drivers and objects on the road difficult.  Enter the proximity sensor.  Proximity sensors effectively eliminate the blind spots on your truck, providing a few extra sets of eyes to help keep you safe on long drives.  They can sense when you`re drifting out of your lane, when there`s an object in the road, or when somebody else has missed you and is merging into your lane.  It`s not easy to stay vigilant 100% of the time while driving, so why not get an assist? 

Plus, if you`re hauling something large, like a boat, the effect becomes even more noticeable, as what once was the challenging prospect of keeping aware while hauling long-distance becomes much easier.  The utility of proximity sensors scales up as you go; what more could you want?

Bumper Step

Did I mention that trucks are tall?  With your average truck tailgate coming in at about 3 feet off the ground, it can be hard to access your truck`s bed from time to time, rendering moot one of the truck`s great assets: carrying capacity.  If you struggle to get your haul out of your bed, then what good is it?

The bumper step fixes this problem. They usually fold down when you open the truck`s tailgate, making getting up in there and grabbing your stuff very easy.  If you use your truck for work in any capacity, you`ll be using your bed often to haul things all around; the bumper step can not only make your job easier, but can prevent injury from straining yourself to get in and out of the bed.  Bumper steps make life easier for truck owners of all creeds.

Bed Accessories

There are many accessories that you can get for your truck`s bed that are both useful and fun.  Every truck owner should have a set of straps for hauling, of course, but there are many different types, so maybe consider a variety.  Maybe you`re thinking of installing a waterproof toolbox back there.   Heck, you can even find truck these days with trunks!  The possibilities are seemingly endless, so feel free to get creative with it.

With bed accessories, it`s always good to keep in mind that weather will likely have a larger effect on these things.  Unless you cover your bed at all times, rain can collect in them, as well as debris like leaves.  Though you have a to be a shade more conscientious, getting the right bed accessory can make you love your truck even more.

Rear Seats

These are an old must-have for any truck.  Why settle for just the two seats when you can theoretically fit 5?  Especially if you intend to transport family, rear seats are an absolute necessity.  After all, trucks are famous for their hauling, so why can so many not haul people?

These rear seats can be customized too.  They can be outfitted with the aforementioned temperature controls, for example, or they can recline.  However you slice it though, having rear seats is better than not, so you should make sure your next truck has them.


Trucks are great in part because they customize nicely, so why not lean into making your truck more comfortable for you?  If you spend a lot of time in your truck, consider these features a starting point on the path towards making your truck fit you perfectly.