5 Classic Cars That Need to Be On Your Restoration Checklist

Did you know the top three most expensive classic cars ever sold are of the same make? All three of these record-breaking cars are 1962 Ferrari GTOs, of which only 36 were ever produced, the most expensive one costing $70 million! That price tag, however, doesn’t automatically make it the best classic car by any means. The best classic cars to restore are the ones that appeal to your desires the best. History buffs like really old jobs, while thrill-seekers prefer projects they can turn into speed demons. Whatever you’re looking for in the art of restoration, reading this handy list will give you some ideas for the next car on your restoration check list.

1. Classic VW Beetle

The classic VW Beetle has universal appeal in the restoration community. First built in 1938 and produced so much between then and 2003, this car has parts that are widely available and cheap. This car is also good for newcomers to restore because it’s quite easy to work on.

There’s also a subculture of madmen who put rotary engines into their beetles to make them much faster than they need to be. Some of these are so fast that their owners drop their suspension to stop them from flipping!

2. 1963-1975 Porche 911

A worldwide icon of a sports car is the Porche 911. It would be higher on this list if it wasn’t so expensive, but that is the only major drawback.

The first 911s were produced in 1963, and have stayed pretty much the same since. The classic 911s are quite easy to work on. You just have to take extra care when inspecting for rust, as that has been known to inconvenience mechanics who work on these cars.

More than 70% of all 911s ever built are still on the road, so your investment will also keep going for a long time once it’s made.

3. 1972-1973 Dodge Challenger

The old Challengers are some of the most breathtaking cars to look at, and the market for their parts keeps growing. They can be upgraded into formidable drag racers if that’s your heart’s desire. However, to get the best price for a sale, you’ll need to restore your Challenger to the original factory specs.

4. 1990s Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5s are wonderful cars with impressive performance and nearly bulletproof engines. What makes the 1990s MX-5 one of the best classic cars to restore is that finding one will be cheap and easy since there are so many of them.

Parts are also easy to find. You can click here for more info.

The car’s actual value post-restoration will probably be less than the whole job itself, but collectors tend to keep these for leisure driving or racing anyway.

5. 1964-1968 Ford Mustang

These are definitively the best classic cars to restore. They’re easy to find, easy to find parts for, easy to work with, and there will always be an interested buyer.

Although they might not be cheap classic cars to restore, buyers are often willing to pay enough for you to make a profit. Or you can keep one since they’re also beautiful and can be made stunningly fast.

Finding Classic Cars to Restore Is Super Quick

Since the average cost to restore a classic car often outweighs the possible sales price, this remains a great way to find, fix, and keep the car of your dreams. Some of the cars on our list are quite cheap and easy to work on, and all of them are iconic.

Finding more classic cars to restore is also really easy. Just go to our home page and read more about muscle cars for further inspiration.