5 Brilliant Car Exterior Modifications You Should Consider

Would you love to restyle or customize your car? It may be time to think about enhancing your automobile`s exterior, as this is a simple and efficient way to make your car stand out. Here are five brilliant car exterior modifications you should consider.

1.Vehicle wraps

A fun and creative way to improve the appeal of your car is by having it wrapped. You will appreciate that there are many car wrapping options you could opt from right from full-body wraps to custom signs made of vinyl. The latter is particularly helpful for advertising your business and is a great way of growing your brand presence.

Vehicle wraps are a pocket-friendly and practical way of avoiding the hassle of getting a new paint job. The best part is that once you get tired of it, you can have the wrap removed and still retain your car`s original color.

2.Headlight upgrades and covers

A great car exterior modification that will give you a sleek look is updating your headlights by switching to HID lights. It is an excellent upgrade that will see you get a brighter and sleeker look since it is better than polishing your old headlights

Another simple modification to improve the look of your car is installing headlight covers. The only catch is that you have to ensure it is done right to make your car stylish and become an extra layer of headlight protection. 

3.Window tints

A classic way of modifying your car`s exterior is by having your windows tinted. Tints are a cost-effective way of adding privacy and getting extra protection by blocking harmful UV rays. While window tints are legal in most states, there are prohibitions and restrictions that you need to adhere to depending on where you live.

4.New wheels and rims

It is amazing how changing your wheels and rims is enough to give your car an enhanced look. There are so many stylish rims and covers that will add a touch of sophistication to any vehicle. All you need to do is explore different options suited for your car make and settle for one that complements its build and color.

5.Underbody and rim lights

LED lights are a creative way of accentuating your car by lighting it up to attract the right attention. The current trend is to settle for underbody and rim lights that are a great way of becoming visible at night. In most states, these underglow lights are only recommended for use in a stationary parked position, parades, and places other than public roads.

If you run a business such as a food or ice cream truck, installing LED lights on your car`s body will help get customer attention. When done professionally, it is also a practical way to make your brand more visible and unique.


Exterior car modification is all about preferences as it is a channel of self-expression and branding. Evaluate these brilliant ideas and try out what you feel best works for you by prioritizing your expectations.